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Bio: ZHANGJIAGANG PRIMWELL IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD. is established in early 1990s. It located in ZHANGJIAGANG, near SHANGHAI, which facility the transportation. It is mainly manufacturing and trading for many different tools at the very beginning. As time goes on, the company specialized in Hand Tools especially.
And in late 1990s, the company registered their own brand, “CROWNMAN”, which is a leading on self-owned hand tools China brand in many different countries. The company built 10000sqm warehouse to lay “CROWNMAN” brand products. There are around 1200 different kinds of “CROWNMAN” brand hand tools products in stock in warehouse, which makes the delivery time short. No MOQ is required in placing CROWNMAN brand products order, which makes the business easy. For example, different 200 to 300 items can be contained in a 20ft container to mix various products, as our MOQ is only 1carton for different products. “CROWNMAN” brand works with varied hand tools, such as pliers, screwdriver, wrench, hammer, knifes, measuring, boxes and bags, house use tools, saw and garden tools, painting tools, cutting and grinding tools, safety, welding, electric tools and some power tools. And new products are continuously updating to CROWNMAN range.
“CROWNMAN” brand has win popular reputation in many different markets. They are in European, Mid-East, South America, Asia and Africa and so on. The company has a strong resourcing team to ensure the competitive products price and a professional QC team to inspect the products quality to make sure every piece is qualified before delivery. The sales department is very hospitality and ready to offer and any questions that interested by the customers.China Welding Gloves
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