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Features NO.1: Hospital grade breast pump for medical considerations
Features NO.2: 2 Phase Expression : Stimulation & Expression
Features NO.3: Closed system with anti-backflow to ensure hygiene and performance.
Features NO.4: Multi-level suction for mother’s comfortable and effective milk emptying
Features NO.5: 9 adjustable suction control,Clear LCD screen and touch button
If you have any question,please contact us!
Q: Why breast milk is liquid gold ?
A: Your early milk is called colostrum, thick and yellow, it’s so much more than your baby’s first food. It protects her from illness with infection-fighting white blood cells and disease-fighting antibodies. It develops her stomach and intestines and helps her immune system mature.
Colostrum starts transitioning into mature milk, it becomes creamier and there’s more of it.
Q: The benefits of breastfeeding for your baby?
A: Breast milk is full of live ingredients, including stem cells, white blood cells and beneficial bacteria, as well as other bioactive components, such as antibodies, enzymes and hormones, which all help fight infection, prevent disease and contribute to normal healthy development.
Q: What to do if you have low milk supply?
A: See a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist. They will assess whether you have low milk supply and observe a breastfeed to see if your baby is latched on well and taking in enough milk. You could also try having more skin-to-skin contact with your baby before and during feeds to stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which gets your milk flowing. Or use relaxation techniques, such as listening to your favourite calming music, to reduce any anxiety that could be affecting your supply.
Q: How to decrease milk supply?
A: Try laid-back breastfeeding - Feeding in a reclined position, or lying down, can be helpful because it gives your baby more control.
Relieve pressure – if your breasts are very comfortable you can hand express or pump a little milk to relieve them- but try to express the smallest amount possible.
Try nursing pads – If you’re leaking milk, popping disposable nursing pads super or milk collection shells inside your bra could help you stay dry.
Avoid lactation teas and supplementsHospital Grade Breast Pump products
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